Text: John 11:1-37 | Series: Gospel of John, Part 1

Jesus received word that His close friend Lazarus was sick . . . yet he waited a couple of days before going to help him. The disciples knew that it would be risky to head back to Judea near their enemies . . . yet, despite their fears, Jesus took them right into a place of danger.

As Jesus interacts with His friends (Lazarus and sisters) and His disciples in John 11:1-37, we as believers today receive instruction on how to “Interpret Life with Jesus.”  The way He responds to the sickness and death of Lazarus teaches us that often in life there are not easy equations that explain hardship to us. Much that we face in life as believers may not make sense to us.  But the words and actions of Jesus in the passage teach us the following about interpreting life with Him:

  1. Foundation — God does love His people (v. 3,5,37)
  2. Assurance —  God has good plans for “bad” experiences (v. 4,15,27)
  3. Balance — While there is darkness, we can follow the Light (v. 9-10)

This encouraging passage reminds us that God is never too late and that a situation is never too far gone but that the grace of God in Christ can intervene for His people.

This then leads us to anticipate what we will hear next Sunday . . . of Resurrection!

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