Text: Gal 2:20 | Series: The Crucified Will | Franklin Morais

This two-part series is about how the Gospel of Christ includes the good news that God has provided all needed resources, chiefly through the Spirit of His Son, in order for our independent and rebellious wills to be in submission to His.

The first part of this two-part sermon lays the thinking and understanding of Scriptures about man’s will before the fall, after the fall, and in union with Christ. The second part helps show how a submitted will in union with Christ looks like in the practical affairs of Christ-followers.

In this sermon, we consider what is the will of man

  • Before the fall (Gen 1 & 2)
  • After the fall (Ps 14:3, Ps 53:5)
  • The will of the ‘born again’ man

We also looked at:

  • Why we need to crucify the will
  • What the implications of fallen man’s will is and
  • Man’s will after salvation in union with Christ and how this ties in with salvation

[Our apologies that there is no audio recording this week]