Text: Ruth 1 | Series: Ruth

You probably remember a time when life was “full” for you. You had good health then, there was harmony in the family, finances were much better. Everything was okay.

To some of us though, life has not always been full. There are financial struggles, health issues, family discord, and tragedy. Life is, all of a sudden, “empty”.

If you have been trying to live a life that pleases or honors God, you might wonder, “Where is God in my time of need? Why would He allow such horrible things to happen to me?”

And if you know you have strayed from God, you might ask, “Is this God’s punishment for me for living a life of disobedience? Does God still care for me?”

Today’s sermon delves deeper into the first chapter of Ruth and shows us through Naomi’s story how God is like at even the most challenging times of our life.

Listen along and discover how God could be speaking to and through you at your life’s most difficult times.