Text: Ruth 2 | Series: Ruth

We marvel at the supernatural ways God has rescued His people in the past as told in the stories of the Bible. And the extraordinary ways He has shown His powers in the present as testified by Christians who have witnessed such work.

Perhaps at some point in your Christian life, you expected to see God’s direct work in a mighty, intense, crossing-the-Red-Sea kind of spectacle. Something that is out of the ordinary.

After all, He is not an ordinary God.

But what if that is not the case?
Does that mean God cares for you less?
Or that God is not at work in your life?

In today’s sermon, let’s take a closer look at how God has used ordinary means to rescue Naomi and Ruth from a seemingly dire situation.

In our longing for the extraordinary, could we be missing God’s hands working in our lives through the ordinary?