Text: Ruth 3 | Series: Ruth

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Essentially, in Chapter 3, Ruth and Naomi were planning to find rest in a redeemer.

Following signposts left by God, by faith Naomi started to make plans for Ruth to find refuge in a relative based on a Leveriat law.

The plan was not fool proof. Yet Ruth followed Naomi’s advice and acted with courage at great risks to herself, trusting in God’s mercy.

God was indeed good. He protected both Ruth and Boaz as the plan was discussed at the threshing floor that night. He was “the God of Israel, under whose wings Ruth had come to take refuge!”

Boaz once again extended kindness to Ruth by ensuring her safety and providing abundantly for her.

Although Naomi was not quite sure if her plan would turn out (there was a slight issue that needed to be sorted out), the chapter ended with expectancy as Naomi counsel Ruth to “wait“.

Naomi was hopeful as Boaz was resolute to work out a way to redeem Ruth (v18) because he had said “as the LORD lives, I will redeem you.”

How will things turn out for Ruth and Naomi? We’ll study that in the coming Sunday sermon. Stay tune!