Text: John 12:12-19 | Series: John 12-21

We all have ideas about what we think God should do.

The kind of God He should be for us: fixing our marriages, helping us with our struggling business, improving our failing health, and helping us out in that long-drawn immigration process…

The Bible says that Jesus is King. And we are often pretty certain of the kind of king we think Jesus should be.

The kind of king we want Him to be.

In today’s sermon, John shows us that Jesus, in fact, has come to be our King – just not the kind of king we want (John 12:12-19).

Rather, Jesus has come to be exactly the kind of King we need, the very King that the world needed.

When we call Jesus as King, what do we mean by that?

  • Are we just looking for Jesus to be the kind of king we want Him to be?
  • Are we serving Him so He can do for us things we want for ourselves?
  • What kind of king exactly do we need?
  • And why is Jesus that one true King?

Listen to the sermon to find out.

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