Text: John 12:37-50 | Series: John 12-21

Most people do not believe in Jesus. Why’s that?

Could it be due to a “theology of unbelief”?
That at the root of unbelief is a heart that does not desire Jesus as much as the blessings and benefits to be gained from Him?

John 3:19 shows that unbelief comes from a heart that loves sin more than Jesus.


Yet we see the somber and glorious reality of God’s sovereignty over the most unbelieving of human hearts in John 12: 37-50.

Listen to the Good News proclaimed in John 12:47 that Jesus came to save and will come again to judge (John 12:48).

The message draws to a close with Pastor’s exposition on vs. 49-50 in which Jesus tells of how He has been sent from the Father and is Himself the direct revelation of the Father.

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