Text: John 13:18-30 | Series: John 12-21

Following the washing of the disciples’ feet at the last Passover meal, the scene was set for the betrayal of Jesus by Judas.

That was a dark night.

Who’s Judas? Judas was one of the twelve, the one who was trusted to be in charge of the goup’s money bag.

All over scriptures we see the contrast between darkness and light. This passage shows that the power of darkness is real and it can lead people to do evil things.

Although the disciples could not understand the betrayal then nor the darkness surroundings it, we praise God that He is aware of all the evil in the world and is always at work in the midst of it.

May this encourage you to deeply trust in the Savior as you walk in the present darkness.

As followers of Christ, we have hope in the midst of darkness because our identity and security are in Christ.

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