Text: John 13:31-38 | Series: John 12-21

Continuing from last sermon

So right after Judas left to betray Jesus and when the disciples had just finished the Last Supper, the Lord began His farewell discourse with His eleven followers.

What’s the farewell discourse all about that it spanned four chapters?

In John 13:31-38 we see the Lord giving an introduction to His final discourse and tells us what’s it all about.

  • Narrated in an announcement.
    Something that Jesus Himself had been ‘focusing on’ and what the disciples too were expected to be ‘focusing on’
  • Proclaimed in a commandment that is both old and new
  • Given as a rebuke to show what it is not about

Listen to the sermon below and find out what’s it all about. Then reflect on the following questions:

  • What has your life been all about?
  • Is it consistent with Jesus’ final words seen in this passage?
  • Have we taken the time to take to heart His last words?
  • Are we even familiar with them?

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