Text: John 14:25-31 | Series: John 12-21

What would be of the greatest help to you today?
Is it having more money? Getting a better job or an improved relationship?

And what would be the biggest help to our church today?

  • Would it be having our own building?
  • Having more people maybe?
  • More leaders?
  • Or experiencing more miracles?

Our passage in John 14:25-31 today tells us that we already have the greatest help that we can ask for. And that is the Holy Spirit.

He is our Helper, Advocate, Comforter, and Counselor who is already dwelling in believers and will always be with us.

Listen to the full sermon below and see how the Spirit of Truth is our Greatest Help.

We’ll be taking a short break from the John sermon series the following three weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

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