Text: Matthew 1:18-25 | Series: Christmas Message

Christ is the reason we come together to worship on Sunday.
Christ is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

On this special day we take a break from the John Sermon Series and consider the How and Why of Christmas.

The children joined us in a Family Service as we  worship of baby Jesus; the King of kings.

Reading from Matthew 1:18-25, Pastor highlighted 2 important considerations from the passage.

  1. How does this Christmas story take place?
  2. And Why did it take place? I mean, why did Jesus come to be born as a man?

The passage provided three points showing How Jesus fulfilled the plan of salvation through the incarnation (God coming to earth as man).

He also showed us Why Jesus wanted to come to earth and be made in the likeness of man.

Listen to the full message here and let us come and give thanks and honor to the Son of God (100% God) who is also the Son of Man (100% man), the son of David and the Emmanuel, who is with us.

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