Text: John 16:5-15 | Series: John 12-21

As the crucifixion nears, Jesus continues to prepare his disciples for life after he’s no longer physically with his followers.

Jesus once again refers to the great gift of the Holy Spirit that is to come after him. What a gift for believer, the Holy Spirit!

The passage shows us that the Holy Spirit is always present with every believer, He changes our hearts, and gives us the desire and ability to obey.

John 16 Lso teaches that the Holy Spirit is actively working in the world around us. He exposes the sinful hearts of the world, intending to lead non-believers to mercy in Christ.

And what is sin? John 6:16 tells us that sin is unbelief in Christ himself.

The Holy Spirit, who is also refereed to as the Spirit of Truth, works in the believer to lead and guide us in the path of truth. And He does that through his revealed Word of God, by continually illuminating the truth of the revealed Word to us.

What a gift we have in the Holy Spirit!

John 16 teaches us that God has given us a map through his Word. And praise God, He has also given us the map maker through his abiding Holy Spirit who dwells in believers to lead us in truth and day by day transform our hearts to know and love Christ more.

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