Text: John 16:16-24 | Series: John 12-21

The anguish of a woman giving birth is soon overcome by the flood of joy she experiences as she cradles her newborn child in her arms.

Similarly, the sorrow of Christ on the cross gave way to floods of resurrection joys for Him and His followers.

In today’s message from John 16:16-24, Pastor Adam explains that because of the cross and the empty tomb, believers are offered a fountain of unshakeable, eternal, full joy in Christ through the Holy Spirit; if only we will seek Him as the only one who can truly quench our thirst.

Joy is the state of inner gladness that is not dependent upon circumstances.

  • The cross is the pathway to true joy
  • Jesus alone makes the heart rejoices
  • No one can take away the believer’s joy
  • Joy is a gift God continues to give

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