Text: John 20:1-10 | Series: John 12-21

Happy Easter!

In today’s passage, we take a closer look at one of the most familiar stories of the Bible, one which we’ve heard many times – the Resurrection story. We see three characters and their responses upon seeing the empty tomb.

Early in the morning, Mary Magdalene saw that the stone of the tomb was rolled away. Assuming that Jesus’ body had been stolen, she panicked and ran to call the other disciples (John 20:2). She did not enter the tomb to check things out.

Peter, when told of the incident, ran towards the tomb and went inside. He saw the facts: the linen cloth lying there and the face cloth folded neatly (John 2-:6-7). This did not seem like a robbery to Peter but he, too, could not understand what had happened.

John, who at first only stoop and looked from the outside (John 20:5), went in later (v8). He then saw and believed.

These represent the usual responses that people have towards the resurrection.

Mary Magdalene and John at first saw the tomb from the outside, but nothing made much sense. This is like the non-believers who stand at the outside, they may even peep in, but they did not enter in.

Peter, on the other hand, went inside and even with the facts of what he saw, he could not make sense of the situation. This is like the regular church-goer attending church for years and even feel like he is an insider. But something is still missing; one can’t see any difference in the life he lives

John, however, went in, saw and believed.

Believed what? He believed that Jesus has risen, that Jesus had overcome death. This is like the believer who saw with the eyes of faith and believed. And he experienced genuine life transformation.

Have you been observing Christianity from the outside?
Are you aware of the facts from the inside and yet not seeing with eyes of faith?

Listen to learn more about the implications of seeing and believing that Jesus did rise from the dead! He is Risen!

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