Text: John 20:11-18 | Series: John 12-21

When somebody calls your name, they get your attention.

And when Christ calls your name, He opens your eyes and radically transforms your life.

In today’s sermon from John 20:11-18 we learn of Mary’s encounter with the risen Jesus at the empty tomb on the very first Easter morning.

Jesus was standing right by Mary who was looking for her Lord; yet she did not know it was Him (John 20:14). Why?

She was distracted by the physical and temporal but failed to see and believe the marvelous work that God is doing.

Today, we are no different from Mary. For we too could be blind to the presence of Jesus right by us.

Yet, this changed when Mary heard the Lord called her by name. Instinctively she turned and “knew” who it was who had called her. With joy, Mary responded.

John 10:3-4, 27 tells us that the Lord knows His sheep and calls His own by name. And that “My sheep hear my voice… and they follow Me.” (John 10:27).

In spite of our failures, the gracious voice of Jesus calls us to tilt our gazes upwards to behold a God who sees our weakness and sin yet loves us with a personal, intimate love that calls us by our name. What bliss!

Do you hear His voice calling you (Is 43:1)?

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