Text: Psalm 9 | Series: Psalms 9 and 10

The Book of Psalms is a gift to the Church on how we reflect on the complexities of life.

Written in the form of poetry, it reflects the heart and emotions of God’s people with recognition and praise to God for His righteousness.

Psalm 9 starts with giving thanks to God and praising Him. And the Psalmist is able to do that because “God is on His throne” (Psalm 9:4, 7, 11).

We praise God because the Almighty God who is on His throne gives righteous judgment. He is always fair and always right. Even in our broken world, we see glimpses of His reign which we can be thankful for.

Psalm 9 shows different aspects and periods of God’s reign. He will reign in eternity even when the current human existence ends. One day, we will see Him on His throne.

In times when we are persecuted and mistreated, when there are trials and temptations, may our stronghold be in Christ. In Him we put our trust through praise.

May our praise and worship not be limited to Sundays but that we would lead a life of worship from Mondays to Saturdays.

Let us pray Psalm 9 with a confidence in God’s eternal reign. It is a model for how our praise and worship!