Text: Zechariah 8:18-23 | Guest Speaker: Dr Kyle Essary

Some 20 years after Cyrus has freed the Jews in exile to return to Jerusalem (Zech 7:1), the temple still laid in ruin and Jerusalem remained a small inconsequential province under the Persian Empire.

Against this backdrop, Zechariah proclaimed the word of the Lord, “Thus says the Lord of host” in three verses (v18, 20, 23).

I. In the first declaration (Zech 8:18), Zechariah proclaimed that the Lord will turn Judah’s fasts into joy, gladness, and cheerful feasts, proclaiming the joy of the promise of hope in the midst of mourning.

II. The second declaration (Zech 8:20) tells of neighbours from one city going to another city to talk about the Lord. These people are so passionate about what they have found that they invite and encourage others to come along with them as they continue to see the Lord.

The Lord has restored broken people so they can worship Him as they were supposed to.

III. The third declaration showed ten men from different nations clinging to one Jew. Why? Because they can see that God is with the people of God. The God of Jacob has a global appeal.


  1. Has the Lord changed your mourning into joy?
  2. Has the gospel restored and transformed your life so you worship the Lord as you ought?
  3. Are you living under the gospel filled, with the joy of Jesus, so that people from every tongue and tribe is coming to you because they see God’s work in you and want to also know this God? Do you exalt the beauty, glory, majesty, and excellencies of Jesus so that others want to know who this God is?

May we delight in the God who brings joy so that we will proclaim Him as the most satisfying joy to all nations!