Text: Rev 2:8-11 | Series: Revelation 1-3

In the short letter to the church at Symrna, we see an absence of any rebuke from the Lord Jesus.

Instead, there was encouragement, the assurance of an eternal reward and an exhortation for the saints to remain faithful.

God was pleased with the Church of Smyrna, a church that remained faithful in the midst of suffering poverty, afflictions, tribulations, hardship, and persecution.

The reality is that even God’s chosen and beloved people will face suffering because of the brokenness of this sinful world.

And just as Jesus suffered, believers too are called to walk the same path while waiting for Him to return again (John 15:20, 2 Tim 33:12, 1 Pet 4:12-13).

But be comforted that God knows about the suffering His people go through and that this suffering is momentary (Rev 2:10, Rom 8:13). And when the Lord returns, there will be deliverance from evil, pain, death, sorrow, and suffering forever.

Let us keep our eyes on Jesus lifting our perspective on our eternal hope (Rev 2:10-11).

Do not fear. Be faithful.