Text: 1 Chronicles 10 | Series: 1 & 2 Chronicles

When you are at our lowest point in your life, God asks you to depend on Him and look up!

Today’s sermon highlights the ruin of King Saul; a man of rebellion and disobedience, who refused to seek God and repent.

Saul’s death for his transgressions draws us to the ultimate truth that:

  • God’s people can be brought very low
  • Sin has devastating consequences
  • God powerfully delivers His people

Shame, fear and despair are the obvious emotions around today’s story. Saul’s downfall serves as a warning to all of us because his transgressions reflect our own sinful hearts.

How often have we wasted the abundance of blessings God has bestowed upon us? Each one of us is guilty of glorifying ourselves, breaking God’s commandments, disobedience, and refusal to surrender.

Saul’s sins bore clear consequences and so do ours.

Yet there is hope. God is in full control.

He sent His only son as our Savior and Deliverer. God will fulfill His promises through Jesus. We only need to turn away from our rebellion, humble ourselves, and trust in Him.

Our King Jesus has promised us victory!