Text: 1 Chronicles 13-16 | Series: 1 & 2 Chronicles

1 Chronicles 13-16 narrates the events that took place after David was crowned king of Israel.

King David prioritized his worship of God over every affair in his kingdom. The first thing that David did was to move the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem where his throne was.

In this narrative, we can learn about how David, the man after God’s own heart, expressed his worship to God.

Worship is seeking and honoring God.

As a newly-crowned king, David surely had lots of matters to attend to, but prioritizing the transport and setting-up of the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem showed how much he sought and honored God.

Worship is defined by God, not us.

What started out as a festive and joyous gathering ended up tragically. David had all the right intentions for transporting the Ark of the Covenant but was not careful in obeying God’s specific instructions for handling the Ark of the Covenant.

Worship through song is pleasing to God.

When the Ark of the Covenant was finally set up in Jerusalem, David added music and songs in the worship service, something that was not done before! Prior to this, “worship” included sacrifices and burnt offerings but not music.

Worship is about God, not us.

In 1 Chr 16:7-36, David instructed the music team he has appointed to sing songs of praise to God for the very first time. As we can read in the passage, the declarations are about who God is and what He has done!

Now that we have seen what workshop is, here are some considerations for reflections

  • In what ways do you seek and honor God in your life?
  • Do you worship God for who He is and what He has done?
  • How has music helped you in worshiping God?