Text: 1 Chronicles 17 | Series: 1 & 2 Chronicles

David wanted to build God a physical house, but God had a bigger plan for David. He had in mind to build David a house; a spiritual house (1 Chronicles 17:8-10).

Although David had a zeal for the Lord, God really did not need anything from him. David could not make God’s name great anyway. Instead we see God making David’s name great through the Davidic Covenant.

God covenanted with David that He will build a kingly dynasty for David forever through his descendants. God planned to rescue mankind from sin and rebellion by providing a righteous king.

The Davidic Covenant looks ahead to Jesus as the righteous King and every true believer in Christ will be adopted as son (Ephesians 1:4-5, 1 John 3:1).

God’s ultimate want is to redeem His people and to build a nation for His glory eternally.

God’s plan for David is much bigger than David’s plan to build God a house.

God will form an eternal house, built on David’s descendants. He will make the son’s name great so He can gather His people through him.

May your response to God be like David’s with:

  • Amazement that God cares for us
  • Adoration of God that He has done all these greatness and making them known
  • Appreciation of God making us His people

Let us pray for the fulfillment of this covenant knowing that prayer does not change God’s will but prayer accomplishes God’s will.