Text: Matthew 1-2, Luke 1-2 | Advent

The Christmas story is clear – Jesus was born to be King. 

The plan of Christmas didn’t arise right before his miraculous conception. From the beginning, far before the event of His birth happened, God had a plan.

Over and over again throughout the Old Testament, God spoke through his prophets of the plan of Christmas. This was not a surprise but a confirmation of what God had already spoken long ago.

The people of Christmas heard and believed the news and chose to rejoice.

This was a life changing event for Joesph and Mary, just as our life as a follower of Christ should be marked by transformation after salvation in Christ.

The place of Christmas was not a city that was well known far and wide. It was once the city of David but that was many, many years before. Bethlehem was the city that was prophesied in advance and it was indeed where Jesus was born. 

Most importantly, the purpose of Christ’s coming is clear – Jesus came as a Savior.

He came so that sinful, rebellious people could be redeemed and restored to a faithful and merciful God. Praise God for this gift of salvation he gives to all who would surrender to him.

Is Jesus your King? Is Jesus your Savior?