Text: 2 Chro 3-5 | Series: 1 & 2 Chronicles

The temple is important because it is important to God. The passages 2 Chronicles 3-5 teaches that:-

God is serious about sin

The temple is the place where the Israelites go to make animal sacrifices for God to forgive their sins.

Sin has serious consequences and requires death. God instituted the sacrificial system at the altar of the temple. With each sacrifice we see

• the justice of God that punishes sins
• the mercy of God

At the altar, the Israelites were confronted by the inescapable tragedy of their sins.

God is separate from us

The temple is the place where God dwelt among the people.

The Most Holy Place was separated from the rest of the temple. In addition to the door, there was a thick veil separating the Most Holy Place.

This place was accessible only by one person, the High Priest on only one day in a year, ie on the Day Of Atonement. This was to make clear that the way to God’s presence was not open. God is too holy and has to be separated from sinners.

But here is the Good News of Jesus Christ. He came as a man, dwelt among us, died on the cross for our sins and conquered death on the third day. Jesus has opened the way for sinners to come directly to God. There is no more separation for those who are in Christ.

I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved. John 10:9