Text: 2 Chro 10-12 | Series: 1 & 2 Chronicles

The Foolishness of Rehoboam

As glorious as Solomon’s reign was, there were shortfalls.

As King Somolon fell away from God he stopped being a wise king. This illustrates that when we are in leadership roles we too need to heed God’s counsel.

King Rehoboam who succeeded King Solomon listened to the foolish counsel of the youth who spoke out of lack of wisdom. Consequently, it took only three days to destroy 80 years of greatness and peace!

We are no different from Rehoboam, maybe just as foolish and irresolute.

We tend to ignore God’s wise counsel and suffer the consequences of such folly.

Could Grace be Available for the Foolish?

There is indeed hope for the foolish for there is grace in Christ.

God extends grace when we are willing to step down from our lofty places and humble ourselves before God. How good and loving God is, that He extends grace even when we do not deserve it!

No matter how we have abandoned God, God will not abandon us; there is grace for the foolish. Because on the cross Christ has taken on the consequences of our foolishness and sins and was forsaken in our place.

Our Lord has overcome the stronghold of sin and the cycle of foolish living on the cross and provided hope for the humble.

The Humility that Leads to Grace

2 Chronicles 11 ends with king Rehoboam acting wisely (v23).

As Rehoboam obeyed God’s counsel, he experienced the grace of security (v11) godly leaders (v13-17), and children (v18-23).

Are you suffering the consequences of foolishness now? There is yet hope.