Text: 2 Chronicles 17-19 | Series: 1 & 2 Chronicles

What does it mean to discern and honor the true Word of God?

Walking According to God’s Commandments

During his reign as king of Judah, Jehoshaphat sought after God and walked according to His commandments. He sent his officials to teach Judah the Book of the Law and brought people back to the Lord.

Because Jehoshaphat was honoring God, God blessed and established his kingdom.

Choosing the Right Alliance

However, 2 Chronicles 18:1 tells us that Jehoshaphat made a marriage alliance with Ahab, an evil king. And Ahab tried to persuade Jehoshaphat into a military collaboration (v3).

In his weakness, Jehoshaphat agreed to a partnership with one who did not honor God. He chose to help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord (2 Chronicles 19:2b).

Discerning God’s Will and Honoring it

Jehoshaphat did, however, want to seek God’s will before going to battle. And he was able to discern God’s will through the prophet Micaiah amidst the false prophets. However, he disobeyed and went along with Ahab. What a pity that discerning God’s will, Jehoshaphat did not honor it!

Tragedy struck as the prophet of God had foretold.

Jehoshaphat Sought God’s Mercy

Jehoshaphat soon realized his stupidity and cried out to God for mercy. In His love and grace, God rescued Jehoshaphat. God delivered one who sinned against Him because he had repented and called on God.

In contrast, Ahab persisted in his sin and died in battle despite his cowardly scheme.

God is Merciful

No matter how great the rebellion or sin, God extends mercy to those who seek Him earnestly. He provides the way of deliverance through His Son who took the penalty of our sins at the cross.

Are you discerning and honoring the Word of God?

Honor His word by seeking Him and submitting to His truth.