Text: Colossians 4:2-6 | Guest Speaker: Matt D

Today, we take a break from the Chronicles series and explore the mystery of Christ.

Our God is a missional God. And He has commissioned Christians to go and make disciples proclaiming to the world the good news of what Jesus has accomplished on their behalf.

Prayers Requested to Declare the Mystery of Christ (v2-4)

In Colossians 4:2-6, As Paul began his missional journey, he asked for earnest prayers. He knew that he was weak and could not rely on his own abilities. He also knew that God is the one who would providentially open doors for fruitful gospel opportunities.

What else did Paul seek prayers for? In addition, Paul asked to be bold in sharing the good news as well as clarity of speech so that the mystery of Christ could be understood.

Witnessing Occurs In the Ordinary (v5-6)

Proclaiming the gospel has caused Paul persecution and landed him in jail multiple times. Yet, while in prison, he did not relent from sharing the gospel of Christ. He did not ask to be released from prison but that he could continue in his mission while in chains.

Paul was intent on declaring the mystery of Christ, the good news, as charged.

Likewise, Christians too are to be mission-minded in our ordinary daily living. We do not need a change in external circumstances to bear witness for Christ.

For ultimately, it is God who will enable and open doors for the mystery of Christ to be revealed as Christians live out their faith.

Will you declare the mystery of Christ today?