Sermon Transcript

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It’s good to see everyone again. You have your Bibles on, encourage you to turn to Hebrews 10:19-25. We will be in the book of Hebrews this morning. You don’t have a Bible, that’s okay. There are Bibles around the room, or you could just follow with us on the screen in front of you. Hebrews 10 starting in verse 19-25. (verbal reading). This is God’s word. Today as mentioned a number of times, today is our church’s eight year anniversary. So, I thought it’d be appropriate for us just to meditate on one attribute of God in particular, the faithfulness of God. Faithfulness just means that God is committed to us. He’s steadfast in supporting us and he’s been, he’s been faithful to us for eight years now. Granted, I’ve only been here for a fraction of those eight years and I imagine most of us in this room have only been here for a fraction of that time. But when we look out into this room, certainly we see the fruit of God’s faithfulness to our church. He’s been faithful in our families. He’s been faithful and sustaining our friendships and certainly most of all he had been faithful and keeping us in the love of Christ. So let’s celebrate that today. We’re going to learn three things about God’s faithfulness today from this passage. We’re going to see that because God is faithful, we can draw near to him verses 19 to 22. Because God is faithful, we can hold fast to him verse 23. Because God is faithful, we could be faithful to each other versus 24-25. So let’s get going here.