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One of the most common words that we use to describe ourselves is “Christian”. And yet, interestingly enough, the word Christian is only found three times in the Bible. Often times we refer to ourselves as followers of Jesus Christ. Yet depending on the English translation you are using, followers of Jesus is only found four times in the Bible. A bit more frequently, some 15 times in the Bible, we find the term believers. We use that phrase as well to describe ourselves. All of these words I’ve mentioned these phrases. They’re fine and good for us to use in describing ourselves. But I do find it interesting that the two most frequent words or phrases used in the Bible for us we actually don’t use them that often and in our everyday speech. And yet both of these terms are found in our passage this morning some 60 times in the New Testament, we are referred to as “Saints”, holy people and the most common description for Christ followers in the Bible find we find it some 160 times, I believe in different variations is, that we are “in Christ”, that we are in him and the book of Ephesians is the place in the New Testament that probably highlights this phrase more than anywhere else.