True Blessings #2 – Redemption (Ephesians 1:7-10)

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In the life of the young Julius Caesar prior to his brave military career and the famous political maneuvering, that he’s known for. We’re not as familiar with some stories earlier in his life. Historians tell us, around the age of 25 years old, Julius Caesar set out on a voyage in the Aegean Sea, and while on that voyage. His ship was attacked by pirates and the pirates took him captive, and they sent word back to Rome demanding a ransom be paid for this famous young diplomat. They asked for 20 talents of silver, which at the time was a fortune. Now, supposedly a Julius Caesar, to this he responded in arrogance, my word, “that’s all you’re going to ask for me.” he recommended, “Asked ask for 50 talents of silver for a man like himself.”. Well, while the pirates were waiting for a response from Rome, Julius Caesar was kept as a captive, a prisoner on one of the islands. Until one day the ransom money did arrive, and so he was set free. He was considered redeemed. Such redemption stories were a somewhat familiar occurrence in that era, it that provides a background for us for our theme this morning.