Declaring the Greatness of Jesus (Ephesians 1:20-23)

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Go into any history museum, and you’ll likely see several statues of important people from the past. You take a tour of an ancient city, you’ll see the ruins of some buildings and monuments and towers that were all constructed in honor of famous individuals. Archaeologists recently have been uncovering this ancient sixth century church that’s found in the land of Israel. And as they’ve been uncovering that they discovered on inscription carved into the stone which reads, dedicated to a glorious martyr. There had been a Christian man who had died for his faith, and this building was constructed in his name. And here we are, 1500 years later, and there’s something still declaring the greatness of that man.

Well, what about Jesus? Do we have any monuments? Do you have any statues? Do we have any towers telling us how great he was? Many have sought for such things both historically as well as in fictional accounts. Searching for artifacts like the Holy Grail. Several years ago, was found the Shroud of Turin, which some have said was the actual burial cloth that laid on top of Jesus’s body. If you were to take a tour of the Holy Land your tour guide would take you to Bethlehem, and they’d show you a sight that claims to be where Jesus was born. Later, the tour guide would take you back to Jerusalem and you’d see a hill that might be called Golgotha, where Jesus was crucified. And later they’ll take you to a tomb that possibly could be where Jesus’s body was laid. And yet we can’t prove any of these sites for certain.