God’s Big Plan (Ephesians 3:1-13)

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Our youngest daughter, Esther, recently started to enjoy putting together puzzles. You know all of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. If you are going to put them together, look at the desk, you’ll see this puzzle of Cinderella, she’s recently put together. Now, when Esther made this puzzle, she did it the same way her daddy does puzzles. She had the box cover right there in front of her, and she looked at the details the whole time she put the puzzle together. Now, I’ve been told this isn’t the right way to do a puzzle, that a true fan, a puzzle purist, if you will, never looks at the box cover. And so, when they start with all the pieces in front of them, they don’t even know what the picture is going to be. It’s a mystery to them. Of course, it’s not a mystery to the puzzle maker is it, the one who put it all together. The story of the Bible, God’s plan to save mankind, is kind of like that. God, of course, from the very start has known everything that’s going to take place in the history of mankind. But humans have not known all of these details. Abraham, the Old Testament people of Israel, the prophets, they didn’t have the box cover to look at as they were going along. And so much of what God has been doing throughout the era’s has been a mystery to God’s people. Until Jesus came at Christmas, until the cross, until the resurrection, until the Gospel was preached. And that’s when the whole picture started to come into view. That’s when the mystery was known. God’s big plan is our theme this morning, and it’s a great theme to consider right here in the middle of our Christmas season.