Treasuring Jesus above all in 2020 (Matthew 13:44)

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Well, good morning. It’s a great joy to be gathered with you this morning to look at God’s word together. Today is the last Sunday in 2019 as we mentioned we’ve been thinking about, and I look forward to gathering, Lord willing, with many of you on Tuesday to remember the faithfulness of God. If you’re like me when there’s a New Year coming, I often take this time (I’m a bit of a planner and I like spreadsheets and that sorts of things) to reflect on the past year, to think about the faithfulness of God, but also to think about my own life, the way that I’ve spent my year, the things that I’ve pursued and then to look ahead to the year to come. Of course, New Year is often a time where people are considering New Year’s resolutions, right, thinking about in the coming year. How will we make some changes? How will we make changes to our health or our finances or various things like this? There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact, I think it could be good stewardship to think ahead and plan. But this morning I want us to consider one short verse, one short parable that Jesus told that will help reorient our perspective. That will help us not just think about 2020 and the years to come. But what will raise our eyes to even higher horizon, a higher distance and to consider how we might live in light of God’s kingdom and eternity to come.