Worthy Living is United Living (Ephesians 4:1-6)

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If you could turn with me on your Bibles to Ephesians chapter four, verses 1 to 6. Now, before we get into the text, just say that I think, it’s kind of sad that it’s not that hard to think about people that are unfit for certain jobs, unworthy of certain roles. Perhaps political roles or whatever it may be. In my home country, I read about a judge who was removed from office because he met with 15 different prostitutes or something like that. In Malaysia recently, about how 190 police officers were kicked off of the police force because they were abusing drugs, that’s pretty unworthy of being a police officer. So again, I think it sad, it sad that it’s not that hard to think of people that are unfit for the roles, unworthy of whatever office they’re holding. And so, Paul, here in our passages for today, he talked about something kind of similar. Well, let me just recap a little bit first, how we got here in the 1st 3 chapters. We’re basically just talking about one thing. Paul was just answering one question, and that question is this, How are we saved? How we saved by God? How did God redeem us? How did he cause are dead hearts to come alive again? What’s our position now in Christ? Now that we’re saved now that were redeemed. And now in these last three chapters, starting with this chapter four, Paul is answering this question: Okay, well, now that we’re saved. How should we live? What do we do, now that we’ve received this great gift of salvation and we can’t earn this gift we shouldn’t even try to earn this gift, that will be wrong. But now that we’ve earned this great gift, now that we’ve been given, I should say, been given this great gift of salvation.