The Stop and Go of the Gospel (Ephesians 4:17-24)

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In the town where I grew up in the United States, there was a park that children would go to learn the rules of the road. This park, I have an actual picture of it, thanks to Google images. It’s called “Safety Town” and I went there as a kid, and our Children have gone there as well. Kids show up with their bikes and their scooters and their skateboards, and you learn the real-life traffic signs that are out where Mom and Dad are driving on the real roads. People there teach you how to ride correctly. You’re given talks on what safe driving should look like out on the roads, and there’s actually working traffic lights. You pull up in your bike, and when you see a red light, that means stop. And when you see a green light, that means go. New drivers need to be taught these things, how to drive on the road.