Imitators of God – Part 1 – Walking in Purity (Ephesians 5:1-7)

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We’re going to be in the New Testament, Book of Ephesians Chapter five. Encourage you to turn there in your Bibles. We do have printed Bibles available on the bookshelves on the side walls. Feel free to stand up and get a copy. May be used in electronic version on your tablet. We’ll also put the text on the screen to follow along as well. Ephesians five, that’s in the New Testament, about halfway through the New Testament. Are you familiar with this phrase, in the English language, “imitation is the highest form of flattery” Meaning, it’s a compliment, when someone respects you and likes you so much, they want to mimic you, they want to imitate you, they want to be like you. Cute examples of this are children wanting to be like grown-ups. Can you picture the little boy trying to help Dad fix the flat tire on the car? He’s down there on his knees and he’s looking underneath and he’s making grunts like Dad’s making grunts. Or maybe you can picture the girl sitting with mom in front of the mirror puckering her lips as she pretends to put on the make out and maybe you can picture a smaller child out on the ball field trying to play with the big kids, trying to say the same things and make the same moves. It’s imitation, and God tells us in his word that he wants us to imitate him. Ephesians five, which we’re working through in the next few weeks, is going to give us several examples of what that looks like.