Looking to God in Uncertain Times (Book of Job)

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Why me? You ever ask that, you lost your job, everyone else in the office kept it. Why me, you said to God? Your car keeps breaking down, now your friends don’t have that problem. Why me, we ask? You seem to have no romantic luck at all, why me, you find yourself ask. It’s a common question many of us have. It doesn’t seem fair to us that, some go well for some people. And things go really poorly for others, A much more serious example of this question than the ones I just gave is, why are so many people right now infected with the Corona virus? But not us? Why has the nation of Italy been hit so hard and other nations hardly at all? And while we sincerely pray that, that we won’t be infected. If you and I do get the disease, one of our first question is going to be, why me? There’s someone in the Bible who had this question for God. Why me, Lord? There’s a whole book in Scripture that’s dedicated to his story, and I thought it would be appropriate during this situation that’s we’re facing, for us to turn to the story. It’s the book of Job. And as we look at his story this morning, I want us to conserve this theme that we are to look to God in uncertain times as we open up the book, Job 1:1, just want to state, we don’t know that much about Job’s background. Very likely he lived sometime during the period of the Book of Genesis. Maybe around the time of Abraham. Most certainly, we believe, at least before the time of Moses and the formation of the ancient people of Israel. We’re told that he lived in the land to the east that would be to the east of the Jordan River, to the east of old, become the lands of Israel. And with that brief introduction, we’re going to begin reading now.

IC@MK Sunday Service (22 Mar 2020)

IC@MK Sunday Service (22 Mar 2020)

Good morning church, praise God for technology as it enables us to worship him together in this manner for this season. Indeed He does work all things together for the good of those who love Him, all for His glory alone.

Please stay on with us, we will be begin the service at 10.30am. Slides will be visible in the stream.

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