IC@MK Sunday Service (19 Apr 2020)

IC@MK Sunday Service (19 Apr 2020)

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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, 18 April 2020

Marriage Part 1 – A Picture of Christ & the Church (Ephesians 5:22-33)

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Well, good morning again ICMK family. As we consider the variety of culture, we have represented in our church family, I think there is one commonality that we all share, one common practice. There might be much variety and how to go about doing it. But I think in all of the cultures represented in our church family, weddings are a big deal. One of the main impressions I have of Malaysia weddings is that they can be really drawn out. The government might give you the legal recognition for your marriage, months before there’s actually a wedding. And even for the wedding. There could be multiple steps and ceremonies for both sides of your family. I’ve noticed that weddings for many in Malaysia are a big celebration. Probably the biggest impression I have of weddings in Albania is there’s so much dancing days in advance, the day of the wedding, dance all night long, in the early hours of the morning. Actually, the Albanian wedding that sticks out to me the most was a most memorable. I was good friends with the groom, so much so that I have the honor of being included with the men of his family. The day we drove to the bride’s house and I was able to take part in the traditional meal where the men of the bride’s family blessed the wedding. And having received that blessing, we then took the bride and we drove her back to the home of the groom. Maybe some of you are thinking of unique aspects of weddings that you’ve been a part as well. Across time, across cultures, across traditions, weddings are a big deal as Christians. That’s not surprising, because marriage was God’s idea. And from the very first wedding, the very first marriage God has been communicating something to mankind.