IC@MK Sunday Service (24 May 2020)

IC@MK Sunday Service (24 May 2020)

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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, May 23, 2020

Honoring Jesus At Work (Ephesians 6:5-9)

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Once you become an adult and finished all your upper education, a large percentage of your life is spent working, whether you’re at the low end of the ladder or at the very top as the CEO. Your job is a major part of your life and this actually reflects God’s design. From the very start in the Garden of Eden, when God made Adam and Eve, he told them to work. We as humans have been made as God’s image bearers. We reflect what he is like and God himself is that worker. God himself is a creator and we reflect that in our jobs. Now sin, of course, has messed that up in a major way. And so, because of sin in our hearts and in this world around us, work can now be a burden. Work can be frustrating, there could be all sorts of conflict in the workplace. In our jobs, we can go to the extreme of laziness or the extreme of being workaholics. But at its core, working is good and working is important. And therefore it’s not a surprise that in several places in the New Testament, we find direct teaching about how our faith in Jesus is supposed to relate to our work life. About how the gospel changes the way we view our jobs and treat those with whom we work. And so, we’re going to consider this morning what it means to honor Jesus at work.