IC@MK Sunday Service (7 June 2020)

IC@MK Sunday Service (7 June 2020)

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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, 6 June 2020

Spiritual Warfare Part 2 – The Means to Stand Strong (Ephesians 6:14-17)

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Good morning, church family, I was thankful to be with one brother in the room this morning. Rub and I getting to sing and pray together, properly social distance. A foretaste I hope, a first fruit I hope of the experience. Soon, Lord willing, where we can at least start gathered in small groups on Sunday morning. We’re praying for that and hoping for that day, we miss being together. Let’s keep longing for the presence of the body and praying for that day as we keep praying for one another during this time of separation. Please open your Bibles to Ephesians, chapter six, Lord willing, will just have two more Sundays in our study of Ephesians, today and next Sunday. We’re in this three-part miniseries on spiritual warfare, Ephesians chapter six. Are you familiar with the Battle of Saragarhi? It was fought in the year 1892 between British forces and Afghan tribesmen. Saragarhi was located in what is today the borderland between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It was a simple communication post that the British used in between two important forts. So, it was there in a mountain pass. A small communication post that didn’t require many troops. And so, on that fateful day in the morning of the 12th of September 1892 there were only 21 soldiers present at Saragarhi. They were all Indians from the Sikh community and when they arose that day, they found some, 10,000 armed Afghan tribesmen outside the gate. And yet these brave 21 Sikh soldiers, withstood the attack for some six hours. They refused to back down. They would not surrender, even though they were offer bribes to do so. And while yes, at the end of six hours of standoff, all 21 of these men did give their lives. Because of their resistance, that enough time was bought for notification to be sent to the other two forts for reinforcements to be brought in and for the British to end up winning the battle that day. After their death all 21 of these Sikh soldiers were offered the Order of Merit, the highest honor from the military. And I’m told to this day on the 12th of September, there’s a branch of the Indian Army which continues to honor these men. Brave soldiers standing firm in battle against the enemy. Last week we learned that we as Christians are in a spiritual battle. We have an enemy, Satan, we are vulnerable to his attack. Now, the good news we saw last week is that Christ has already defeated this enemy for us. And yet there’s an ongoing battle, we’re in a real battle, a dangerous one. And so, we learned last week we need to stand strong. Today, in a second part, it’s talking about spiritual warfare. We consider the means to stand strong, how we can stand strong, the ability that God gives us to do so.