IC@MK Sunday Service (21 June 2020)

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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, 20 June 2020

Living “In Christ” as the Family of God (Ephesians 6:21-24)

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Well, good morning, church family. Before we do get into the message, I just wanted to give 2 additional  announcements. One is as we continue to slowly open up our city, we are happy to say that the fellowship hall here in the Gateway building, is now approved to be used for small group meetings. We’re thankful for deacons, underneath Eiji’s leadership has put together an SOP for how the fellowship hall can be used. So, we want, you know, for small groups, community groups, other ministry teams, the fellowship hall can be reserved. We encourage you to contact Lily at the office, and she can give you some of the guidelines for how that can be used with proper social distancing and proper cleansing. So, we encourage our small groups to take advantage of that again. You could talk with Eiji or Lily if you have any other questions. The second announcement I want to make is right here on the screen. We’re finishing our sermon series on the book of Ephesians this morning. I believe this has been 34 sermons on this book. I’m going to miss Ephesians. It’s been good for me personally, but I wanted to make this announcement that next Sunday we’re going to have a short six-part series entitled “Who Is Our God?” It’s a summary of the first 3 books of the Old Testament. Now, as you’ll see with the schedule here, we’re going to be covering large sections of the Bible, multiple chapters every week. There’s no way we can read it all or talk about it all, so I just want to encourage you. If you would like to gain the most from the sermon series. I would encourage you to be reading along with us during the week in preparation for the next Sunday sermon. So, that would mean this week if you could find some time to read through Genesis one through eleven in preparation for next Sunday. And I would also ask you to be in prayer for this sermon series, that God will be teaching us about his character and growing us together through his word. With that, I encourage you to open your Bibles to Ephesians Chapter six, we’re going to be at verses 21 to 24 wrapping up our study of this letter, our theme this morning, living in Christ as the family of God.