IC@MK Sunday Service (5 July 2020)

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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, 4 July 2020


Who is our God? – Promise Maker (Genesis 12-50)

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Good morning again, church family, I encouraged you to open your Bibles to the Book of Genesis. We’re going to be starting in Genesis chapter 12 this morning. In most cultures, keeping your word, keeping your promises is highly valued. And therefore, when someone doesn’t keep their word, especially someone who is very close to you, it is painful. It’s wrong. One example of this, up until at least the last century, divorce in most places has been quite rare because we know it’s right. It’s noble to keep your vows. This has been through across time, across cultures. It’s a universal value, and that shouldn’t surprise us because God, our creator, tells us that he is truth. That’s one of the ways he defines himself. He always keeps his word. We as humans have been made in his likeness, though it makes sense that we’re drawn to this virtue that we value it. As we look at the second half of the Book of Genesis this morning, the main truth that I want to highlight for us is that God is a promise keeper.