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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, July 25, 2020


Who is our God? – Present With His People (Exodus 25-40)

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Good morning again, ICMK. I’ve often referred to the fact that our family used to live in the country of Albania. If I would summarize the Albanian culture with just one word, I would probably use the word hospitable. One of the main ways in Albania that you show respect and honor is by opening up your home to visitors and making visits to other people’s homes and showing hospitality. I remember one day we went to the home of a church family, and they just kept bringing more and more food to us. Alison and I were sitting in the living room with our children, but for probably half an hour, we were alone because both the husband and the wife kept going into the kitchen, making more food and bring it out to us and there’s so much food. We’re all by ourselves that finally, I half jokingly said to them this phrase I tried translated from English that, your presence is the best present, meaning I was trying to say, we wanted them to sit down and be with us. We appreciate it all the food, we rather they be there with us. It didn’t go over very well in hindsight, I think it probably wasn’t very sensitive, culturally, I think I wasn’t showing proper appreciation for hospitality. Probably also my Albanian translation of the phrase wasn’t too clear either, but thankfully, this family remained friends. So, I don’t think I messed up too much. But take this concept that one’s presence is the best present and apply it to your relationships. Think of a romantic relationship or the relationship between parents and children. They just want you to spend time with them, to be with them. In various relationships, one of the main ways we show love, that we show devotion is by being present with one another.