IC@MK Sunday Service (30 August 2020)

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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, 29 August 2020


The Life God Blesses (Numbers 5-6)

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Good morning again, Church family. We have the privilege of hearing God’s word now. Well, we’re not in the same room together. We still have this privilege of coming underneath the authority of God’s word and saying, “Lord as your people, as the ICMK church family, we want to hear from you, open our eyes to see, touch our hearts to hear and believe and understand.” And so, I encourage you now, whatever distractions might be there in your home, whenever other electronics might you have, set it aside. And what we, as the people of God scattered this morning, the ICMK church family come together now and hear what God has to say to us. If we were to go down to the Petronas Towers and ask everyone walking by, whether or not they would like for God to bless, I’m pretty sure just about everyone would answer, yes. Most people in the world desire blessing. This is a good desire, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a normal natural desire. But sadly, I think many people in the world, including many churchgoers, don’t quite understand what it means to properly seek the blessing of God to ask God for his blessings.