IC@MK Sunday Service (6 Sep 2020)

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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, September 5, 2020

Following God’s Lead (Numbers 9-10)

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Good morning, brothers and sisters. Before we turn to God’s word, I did just want to give a little bit more information on what we’re praising God for. This past Friday, the government announced that non-Malaysians, are now allowed to attend church and we praise God for that. We’ve been praying for this for months. We’re celebrating and now we’re busily getting ready. There are detailed restrictions we need to follow, the S O P’s. But we are planning two weeks from today, the 20th of September, to have our worship service back in the sanctuary. Again, we praise God for this. Now we need to get a lot more information for this. So, please be looking on Tuesday for the weekly email that goes out from the office. If you’re not on that list, feel free to contact us and we can add your name to it. We’re going to get a lot of information then and the next Sunday as well. But just so you know, in advance, many of us on September 20th will still be watching the live streaming because of limitations of the number of people in the sanctuary. But we are going to have a way to register the week, you can attend, and again, all of that information will be forthcoming. But we praise God for this good news and look forward to singing together, praying together and hearing God’s word together in the same place again very soon. Please turn in your Bibles now, book of Numbers. We’re going to be in chapters nine and 10, this morning.