IC@MK Sunday Service (20 Sep 2020)

Welcome to our Sunday Service livestream! We will begin shortly at 10:30AM.

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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, September 19, 2020

Unbelief: The Root of Rebellion (Numbers 13-14)

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As we’re turning our Bibles, the camera right now is panning back and forth. So maybe if you can wave, you see the camera going back and we want those joining us online to see part of our church family gathered here today. And again, those of you online, you are missed. And we’re looking forward to the day that we can all be back together again. As we say that for those guests who might be tuning in right now online and may have missed the previous announcement contrary to what it might look like, we’re not opened up yet for our normal services in person. Right now, we have restricted limited seats by registration only for these first few weeks, we’re asking the ICMK church members to register to sign up. We are working, Lord willing, before the end of October to move in the direction of having two services on Sunday. And when we could do that, we’ll be able to open up registration for guests as well. We’ll be sure to notify you as soon as that takes place. And until then, we thank you for your patience with us, your graciousness and we invite you to keep joining us online.