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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Sabtu, 26 September 2020

Grace for Failures (Numbers 15)

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I have a friend who is a teenager. His dad had just purchased this really nice car. It was like, this luxury SUV or something. So, a really nice big car. And as you might suspect, like any other teenager, he really wanted to drive the car. Every day, he asked his dad, “Dad, can I, can I drive it today, can I drive it today?” And the dads always just, “No” or “Not yet.” Until finally, his persistency paid off and his dad finally allowed him to drive the car. His dad said, “You can drive it, I trust you. You’re a relatively good driver, but I just feel like I need to remind you of just one thing. And this is a much bigger car than what you’re used to. But when you’re backing up the driveway, the driveways kind of tight. The walls are pretty tight. Just make sure you’re careful as you back into the driveway.” my friend says, “Yeah, sure, yeah, I’ll be careful.” He goes out, takes his friends out at night. They are back late, little prideful as he’s backing into the driveway, and just as his dad predicted, he kind of scrapes the side of the car. Scrapes the car door on the side of the driveway. The damage is really bad apparently and now he is kicking himself. And he’s saying, “I should have listened to my dad.” He’s upset, goes asleep in the next night. He sees his dad, “Dad, um, I’m really sorry, you were right, should have listen to you. I wasn’t careful enough. I scratched up the car really badly, I think.” The first words that his dad said, “All right, okay, I forgave you.” As I listen to this story as when I was not yet a Dad and I was just thinking. Well, I don’t have any teenagers yet, but I have to imagine that those were not the words, it would not have been my first words. I absolutely would have said with the typical things, disappointment, you know, shame, anger. You know, to my sin, okay. But my friend’s dad, he led with graciousness and forgiveness.