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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, 7 November 2020

What is Your Life Orientated Around? (Numbers 28-30)

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We have one additional announcement, members, please take note that two weeks from today, on the 22nd of November, we have our Annual General Meeting. Sadly, that’s going to need to be through Zoom. We’ll plan to start that about 12:15pm, 2 weeks from now. Please do notice, you should have received two emails this’ll last day over the weekend, one with the agenda packet, a second email with the financial information. Please do take time to read through that, to pray through that, to be prepared. And then we do ask all of our members to make this meeting a real priority. This is an important part of our body life. That will be two weeks from today. With that, please open your Bibles, as we go now to God’s word, the book of Numbers. We continue our study today looking at chapters 28 through 30. Here on Planet Earth, we take 365 days to do it. If we were to go to planet Mercury, it would only take us 90 days. If one day mankind actually lives on the planet of Mars, it will take them almost two years to do this. And if anybody ever makes it to the planet Saturn, it would take almost 30 years. What am I referring to? I’m talking about the time it takes to revolve around the sun. We of course, live in what’s referred to as the Solar System, a system in which all of the planets are oriented around the sun. I wanted to keep that image in mind as we look to God’s word this morning and hear this challenging question. What is your life oriented around?