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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Sabtu, 14 November 2020

God Avenges His People (Numbers 31)

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Good morning, Church. These two movies you see on the screen here are two of my favorite movies from the past couple of years. This is Avengers, Infinity War and that’s Avengers Endgame. In these movies, the villain that you could see at the top here, he has a really lofty goal. His goal is to destroy half of the universe’s population. So not just the Earth, but the entire universes, population half of it. He wants to wipe out. And so, in this movie, an endgame. A team of superheroes called the Avengers, they tried to avenge the universe’s population. They tried to bring this villain to justice. They try to right the wrongs that were committed. So, I love these movies, I think they’re just excellent movies in general. I especially love it this morning, because they’re really good illustration of the text that we’re going to read today. We’re going to be continuing in the book of Numbers. We’re going to be in Numbers 31 and the point of today’s text and the point of today’s sermon is that God avenges his people. And as we kind of saw about those two movies, when we say that God avenges his people. That just means that he brings the wicked to justice. He tries to right the wrongs that were committed. So, we’re going to see that in our text today. Lindie is going to read for us in Numbers 31:1-8, The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, “Avenge the people of Israel on the Midianites. Afterward you shall be gathered to your people.” So Moses spoke to the people, saying, “Arm men from among you for the war, that they may go against Midian to execute the Lord’s vengeance on Midian. You shall send a thousand from each of the tribes of Israel to the war.” So they were provided, out of the thousands of Israel, a thousand from each tribe, twelve thousand armed for war. And Moses sent them to the war, a thousand from each tribe, together with Phinehas the son of Eleazar the priest, with the vessels of the sanctuary and the trumpets for the alarm in his hand. They warred against Midian, as the LORD commanded Moses, and killed every male. They killed the kings of Midian with the rest of their slain, Evi, Rekem, Zur, Hur and Reba, the five kings of Midian. And they also killed Balaam the son of Beor with the sword. Okay, thank you, Lindie. So, we’re going to see three points from our text today. We’re going to see,