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Posted by International Church at Mont Kiara on Saturday, November 28, 2020


Instructions for Living in the Land (Numbers 34-35)

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Good morning again, church family. This morning we come to the final Sunday in our study of the Book of Numbers where we’ve been for the last four months or so. So, I encourage you to open your Bibles to Numbers. We’re going to be in chapters 34 & 35 this morning and as you’re turning there, I just wanted to notify you that next Sunday, Lord willing, we’re going to begin a new sermon series in the book of Matthew. And we’ll be in that book for quite some time. I would ask for your prayers as we’re preparing this series. Would you ask that God would build up our church, bless us, teach us, make us more like Christ in the study together beginning next Sunday.
When our family was preparing to move to Malaysia about six years ago now. We received a really helpful email from one of the ICMK member at the time. Some of you will well remember her, Mary Hamley and in this email, she gave us all sorts of tips and advice for living in KL. For instance, she warned us about how much we would sweat every day in this city. And yet, at the same time, she advised Alison, when we go out, bring a shawl or a jacket because in the shopping malls and even in church, you might be cold sitting underneath an air conditioner. The email gave us other helpful instructions for living in the land of Malaysia. My friend Stan Noosepalm, he actually visited us here a few years ago on a Sunday morning. He’s written this book called, “Why Are Americans like that?” It’s a book with instructions for living in the United States. I actually have a few extra copies of this, if anyone wants one, let me know you can have it. When you started a job in a new industry, it’s likely you went through some sort of orientation. You are given instructions on how to live in that business world. Before couples are married, we have them go through a premarital counseling course that they might receive instructions and living in the land of the married. You get the pattern. This is what we find in the final chapters of the Book of Numbers, God giving the ancient people of Israel instructions about how they were to live in the promised land. Of course, the whole book of numbers that we’ve been studying has led up to this point, Israelites would inherit this land. We saw this had been delayed for about 40 years but now the time has finally come for it to take place. And so in this, in some of the final words that Moses spoke and wrote down, we see instructions for living in the land.