Mission Statement

IC@MK is a Bible-based, multi-cultural community of Christ-followers, equipping and encouraging believers to make disciples of all the nations.

Key Values:

  1. Bible Teaching
    Biblical theology centers on the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. All Scripture points to Him and must be seen in light of His gospel. Right doctrine must be grounded in the desire to know the God of the Bible as He has revealed Himself. Powerful preaching comes when the minister meets God through the study of His Word, and then prepares a message explaining the Word of God clearly and effectively.
  2. Biblical Gospel
    The gospel is the heart of Christianity.God sent Jesus to die for sinful man. Humans in their sin are in need of God’s gift of salvation.Only God can change a sinner’s heart, therefore Jesus, through his death and resurrection, brings sinners back to a right relationship with God. Salvation comes to those who repent of their sin and trust in the work of Jesus’ death and resurrection to forgive their sin and enable them to live right before God.As such, Christians may be confident in the gospel, knowing that since God raised Jesus, he will also give them eternal life. Those who are truly converted will show the evidence of godly fruit.
  3. Biblical Membership
    Church membership requires baptized believers to commit to a local church, where they can be fed through preaching, fellowship and commit to giving, serving and ministering, according to the gospel. Thus, membership requires commitment to an individual local church.
  4. Biblical Evangelism
    The deepest need for all humans is eternal life and peace with God. Christians are required to actively share the gospel with others at every opportunity and pray that God will work in their hearts to bring about salvation.
  5. Biblical Growth
    The primary call of the gospel is to make disciples. Thus, the church is just as concerned about growing members spiritually as it is with growing numerically.
  6. Biblical Prayer
    The gospel opens up access to the living God. Through his providence, God has allowed that we can communicate with him through prayer. Thus, a biblical church will be committed to finding its strength, direction, focus and vision, when its members are in continual communication with God in prayer.
  7. Biblical Discipline
    Churches are required by the gospel to keep their members accountable one to another and accountable to God. Therefore, biblical churches will model church discipline with the purpose of bringing about restoration between the individual and God.
  8. Biblical Leadership
    The body of Christ, led by the Holy Spirit makes decisions concerning the direction of the church. All members are called to be a kingdom of priests before God, who serve together for the glory of God. Being led by the Spirit, the congregation sets apart leaders to fulfill the biblical roles of pastors/elders and deacons. The role of the pastor is to shepherd the church. The role of the deacon is to serve the church.
  9. Biblical Unity
    In Heaven there will be people from all tribes, tongues, and nations around God’s throne. Church members come from different backgrounds, countries, and ethnic groups. As the body of Christ and the family of God, Scripture commands believers to be unified. The church should present to the world the multi-cultural model displayed in the book of Revelation.
  10. Biblical Families
    The church is the household of God, and Christians are brothers and sisters one to another. God created the family to be where children are raised to know God, and where marriages glorify God. Thus, a strong church commits, as the household of God, to helping families grow strong in the Lord.